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ERUM Accounting Services and Consultancy WLL

Bahrain’s financial services industry is growing and gaining investment, which means there is a high need for accounting and audit services in the nation. Accounting is getting increasingly difficult as the corporate environment and transactions grow more complex.

Accounting, records and verifies every day business transactions such as sales, purchases, and expenses. Complete sets of accounting and financial data are stored so as to generate fixed asset schedules, depreciation policies, VAT payables, and so on. To ensure efficiency, all accounts are reconciled, and returns and filings are precisely done.

The Kingdom of Bahrain follows International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), an internationally recognized global accounting standard used by major countries worldwide. The Bahraini Government compels commercial entities to prepare financial statements as are set by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) and monitored by the Bahrain Company Affairs Directorate.Article 219 of the Commercial Companies Law of the Kingdom of Bahrain (Decree-Law No 21 of 2001) specifies that the auditor’s report adhere to international accounting standards.

Bahraini law requires that financial statements relevant to the business activities be submitted at the end of the year especially where the business develops through the launch of new branches or acquiring market share. Compiling financial statements & bookkeeping can consume more time than planned, diverting your attention away from business activities. The major modifications to the financial reporting requirements that are anticipated in many countries make this challenge even more difficult.

You can save a lot of time, work, and effort by hiring the appropriate accountant for the job. Through expert accounting and bookkeeping services, the business gets access to accurate, timely, and updated books of accounts and financial data. 

ERUM Accounting Services and Consultancy WLL is a management consulting company established in the Kingdom of Bahrain to provide various accounting, finance and Management Consulting Services. The company is promoted by knowledgeable individuals having more than 20 years of combined experience in different fields of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, CFO Services, Payroll Services, Management Consultancy Services, VAT Consulting Services, Company Formation Services and Digital Branding services. Our mission is to provide cost effective but efficient professional services to the business community and support them to attain the optimum result they can achieve under the prevailing economic conditions.

Bringing together different minds to create value and make ongoing contribution to our clients, industries, and society. We value insights, intelligence, energy, passion, emotional warmth, and a commitment to excellence and provide value addition to your business. We offer guaranteed improvements and growth of your business is guaranteed here. Customer satisfaction and customer business growth are our ultimate goal.

Our sole mission of being a reliable knowledge-sharing accounting and consulting partner to small and medium enterprises in Bahrain is accomplished by providing Accounting and Bookkeeping services,  CFO & Accounting services, Preparing Policies and Procedures, Internal Auditing ,  Feasibility studies, Valuation report preparation, Corporate Restructuring  ,  Business Plans, Company Formation  , Financial Forecasts, Tamkeen Support Services etc. We also specialize in assisting individuals and companies to get Loans from Islamic and conventional Banks and can help the companies to restructure their business and to conduct a turnaround.


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